As one of the top destinations for continuing education and higher education Canada have a number of elements to offer international students:
  • high level of education
  • Low cost 
  • the opportunity for students to work after graduation (Post Graduation Work Permit)
  • the invaluable Canadian work experience 
  • the opportunity to apply for PR through multiple pathways

Graduation from educational institution and obtaining Canadian work experience afterwards is vital for your PR application. As an applicant you are able to include your family in your application (spouse and children). Our services may include communicating with the selected educational institution on your behalf and obtaining the required documents to submit a successful application for a study permit.

The Unwanted Truth

  • The number of approved study permits will decrease by a third, a quota set by the Federal Government for the next 2 years.
  • The quota will subsequently be issued to each province, depending on its population and the number of educational institutions, and then the quota will be allocated to each educational institution within the province.
  • The requirement for the amount of finances that students must demonstrate has doubled - from 10,000 to 20,635 for one person. For the province of Quebec, this amount is slightly less - 15,078 per person. Primarily, such an increase is related to the increase in the cost of housing and accordingly rent in Canada.
  • The requirement to obtain certification-permission (PAL – provincial attestation letter) from the province where you plan to study
  • Quebec already has its own certificate from the province - a Certificate of acceptance of Quebec, which will be counted as certification from the province. Certification is not needed for extending work permits, study permits for school students, study permits for master's and PhD students.
  • All letters of admission will MANDATORILY be verified by the Ministry of Immigration


Separate news about work visas for spouses of foreign students:

From March 19, 2024, spouses of foreign students will NOT be able to obtain work permits while the main applicant is studying

EXCEPTIONS! include master's or PhD students, as well as spouses of students studying in bachelor's level programs, BUT in the following fields:

  1.  Dentistry
  2.  Law
  3.  Medicine
  4.  Ophthalmology
  5.  Pharmacy
  6.  Veterinary
  7.  Nursing
  8.  Career and education specialists
  9. Engineering