Family sponsorship is the Canadian way of saying “let’s bring the family together”. In Canada around 100,000 immigrants obtain their PR through the family sponsorship program.

Canada values families, that’s why the family reunification program was created. Family sponsorship is meant to bring families closer. Unfortunately, not everyone can apply for PR through the family sponsorship program, but those who can must meet certain eligibility requirements which include both:

the applicant (person being sponsored) and the person sponsoring him/her (sponsor).

Between 2022 – 2024 Canada is planning to issue 100, 000 Permanent Resident visas each year based on family sponsorship program.

Spouses and children consist ¾ of all sponsorship application. While parents and grandparents are only ¼. 
What you need to know about Canadian Immigration Sponsorship Program?

Family reunification is the second largest source of immigrants coming to Canada after skilled workers. It contributes to raise the economy by bringing families together. Usually, you can sponsor mostly your spouse, your child, or your parents and grandparents. Depending on whom are you sponsoring, the requirements and the process are different.

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