PR for Graduates of the Province of British Columbia

PR for Graduates of the Province of British Columbia

How can graduates in British Columbia obtain PR?

In one of Canada's most expensive provinces, there are some of the most demanding programs for provincial graduates.

  1. Immigration Program for College and University Graduates in British Columbia.

Under this stream, it is necessary to graduate an educational institution in BC within the last three years, at a public educational institution (private ones will not be recognized), with a study duration of at least 8 months and provide a job offer for a permanent skilled position. The list of authorized public institutions is here. NOTE, this program will close in January 2025.

  1. Immigration Program for Graduates at the Master's level (in certain fields) or PhD level (any) in British Columbia.

Bachelor's level fields:

  • Agriculture
  • Biology and biomedical direction
  • Computer technologies
  • Engineering
  • Engineering technologists
  • Health care specialists
  • Mathematicians and statisticians
  • Conservation of natural heritage
  • Specialists in the field of physical sciences

Note, the condition to score the passing points remains (as of the beginning of 2024, this score was 125 out of a maximum of 200):

IMPORTANT: From 2025, the program for graduates in British Columbia will change. From January 2025, only bachelor's, master's, and doctoral graduates will be able to apply for PR. Bachelor's graduates will need to provide a contract for permanent employment, master's graduates will need to provide a contract for employment for at least 1 year, while doctoral graduates will not need an employment contract (as before).

Moreover, from January 2025, graduates will need to present English language test results at level 8.