Quebec Provincial Program

Quebec Provincial Program

So, there are 10 most common skilled immigration programs to Quebec for PR.


  1. Graduates of Quebec educational institutions 
  1. The immigration program for foreign workers with skilled work experience in Quebec of 24 months. Language requirements – knowledge of spoken French at level 7 (B2). Work experience must be full-time (from 30 hours per week), at the time of applying for the program you must be working in Quebec, and there is also a requirement for your spouse to know French at level 4. 
  1. Skilled Worker Immigration Program. Now, you can immigrate to the province of Quebec through this program if you score the minimum number of points on the primary selection grid (which has not changed since August 2018). If you pass the primary selection, you can open your profile on Quebec's special platform Arrima. The primary selection grid does not require you to know French, but it is a mandatory condition for creating a profile on the Arrima platform. You must demonstrate knowledge of spoken (speaking and understanding) French MANDATORILY at level 7 and above. In this system, you need to score enough points to be invited. What are points awarded for? The highest amount of points will be allocated for a job contract certified by the Quebec Ministry of Immigration. This is a separate package of documents that takes time. For the contract, you can be given from 180 (Montreal region) to 360 points (outside of Montreal), whereas the score for an invitation starts from 450 and above. Points are also awarded for age, level and field of education, work experience (especially in Quebec), language knowledge, spouse's education, language level, and work experience. 

CHANGES! From November 2024, Quebec will be removing the primary selection grid, which is very good, and also removes the age limit for immigration (currently it's 55 years), but introduces mandatory knowledge of French for everyone (oral level 7, and written level 5). Moreover, from the end of 2024, they will not select all specialists, but only those needed by the Quebec government and its labor market. 

Business Immigration Programs to the Province of Quebec 

  1. Business Immigration for Investors - Investor Quebec. Previously, this type of immigration did not require demonstrating language proficiency, but from January 1, 2024, not only has it become mandatory, but also a level 7 (B2) is requested. Other requirements and changes include: mandatory residence in Quebec for at least 12 months before receiving the selection certificate, cancellation of the point-based selection system for investors (now the main focus is money and French), investing one million dollars for 5 years plus an additional "non-refundable" investment of 200,000 dollars (previously it was 1.2M in investments without the "gift" part). 
  1. Entrepreneurs (starting your own business in Quebec or buying an existing one) - Entrepreneur Quebec. The same approach applies - French at level 7 is mandatory (previously, language was not required). It will be allowed to open your business project before applying for the selection certificate. The point-based selection system for this group of immigrants is canceled, and the requirement for the amount of finances to be demonstrated is reduced (now you need to show 600,000, previously it was necessary to show 900,000 dollars).


  1. Self-Employed Entrepreneurs (doctors, engineers, electricians, plumbers, estimators, and many others) - Self-employed worker Quebec. The same requirement - French at level 7 (B2). The point-based selection system is canceled, but a requirement is introduced to obtain a license for entrepreneurial activity before applying for the selection certificate. It will also start to require a minimum of 2 years of work experience in the last 5 years in their self-employed field. For this immigration category, it is necessary to demonstrate having 100,000 dollars, as well as the ability to make a deposit of up to 50,000 dollars. 

As we can see, if previously the business immigration program was considered by entrepreneurs from all over the world as one of the options to obtain PR without knowing the French language, now they are also required to know French. What this will lead to and whether it is the right decision - we will see in the future, but one thing can be noted now: be prepared for an influx of entrepreneurs from French-speaking Africa (Maghreb countries) and French-speaking countries of Europe. 

Special Immigration Programs to the Province of Quebec with Quotas: 

  1. Group Sponsorship of Refugees Program by a private group of 2 to 5 individuals or an organization. The maximum quota for this program is 825 people. The program accepts applications from May to June each year. 
  1. PR Program for Food Industry Workers. The program was created during the pandemic and has remained relevant ever since. The document submission period is from November 23, 2023, to December 31, 2024. Only 600 people per year are accepted into this program. Quotas fill up slowly. 

What are the requirements for this program? 

Have 24 months of work experience in one of the positions: butchers, food and beverage processing workers, seafood processing workers, professional food processors (cleaners), industrial food and beverage machine operators, chicken collectors (such a position exists in Canada), fish processing plant workers, food or beverage production workers

French knowledge of level 7 and above

MANDATORILY work in one of the specialties at the time of application and document review.

  1. PR Program for Healthcare Staff and Elderly Caregivers. This group includes nurses, caregivers, coordinators, and supervisors working with the elderly. This program, like the previous one, was created very recently, has a quota of 600 people, and its document submission period is from November 23, 2023, to December 31, 2024. What you need to apply for this program: 

Have two years of work experience, one of which can be outside Quebec or Canada

French knowledge of level 7 and above

MANDATORILY work in one of the specialties at the time of application and document review.

Have a diploma in your medical specialty with a program duration of at least 1 year 

  1. PR Program for IT and Artificial Intelligence Specialists.

Be careful, this program includes ten specialties. Make sure to check your specialty before applying, as well as the required salary. If your salary is below the permissible for the province of Quebec, your work contract will not be counted. The quota for this program is 700 people, with the application period from November 23, 2023, to December 31, 2024. This is the only program that allows immigration without a French test, but you will have to promise to learn the language in the future. Specialists with a work contract in the province of Quebec in the field of artificial intelligence, information technology, or visual effects have the opportunity to apply for PR both as Francophones and without knowledge of the French language. Note that quotas for the non-French-speaking direction are filled within a couple of weeks. 

It is divided into two subcategories: 

  1. Computer specialists in artificial intelligence. You must have a bachelor's degree and at least 24 months of work experience in the specialty in the last 5 years or a master's or doctoral degree obtained in the last 12 months before submitting documents. Moreover, you must either already work in Quebec or have a work contract in the province of Quebec. Note, your salary must be at least $75,000 a year if your employer operates outside the Montreal metropolitan area or $100,000 a year if you work in the Montreal metropolitan. 
  1. Computer specialists in information technology and visual effects, including the field of computer games. To apply for this category, you need to have either a technical education or a bachelor's degree, two years of work experience in the specialty from the last 5 years, and be working in the province of Quebec at the time of application or have a work contract. 

Note, these are only the basic requirements for the programs. To apply for each of them, you need to collect a complete set of documents and meticulously go through all the details from A to Z.