Oleksandra Melnykova

Oleksandra Melnykova

Dear new immigrants, those who planning to make Canada a new home, and those who have already considered Canada home for decades.   My name is Oleksandra Melnykova. I am a licensed immigration consultant with open practice for all Canada, including the province of Quebec. In 2019, I started my own immigration company, SKI Immigration. My journey in immigration law began back in 2007.

At that moment I started working with immigration to North America. I worked as a regional manager of a large company Star Travel, which was engaged in work and student visas. ​

I got master's degree in linguistics at the Institute of Foreign Languages in Ukraine. I am fluent in five foreign languages (English, French, German, Ukrainian and Russian). I understand Spanish and Polish. ​

Already being in Canada, I graduated from the High Commercial School of Montreal specialty International Business and Enterprise Expansion. Then earned a bachelor’s degree certificate in Business and Legal English language from the University of Quebec in Montreal at an advanced level and finally received a law degree in Canadian immigration law with a license to practice independently throughout Canada, including a separate license for the province of Quebec. ​

All four of my highest educations are an integral part of my current job. All knowledge is very important and perfectly complements each other. ​ While studying, I gained valuable experience working as a synchronized translator in the Immigration and refugee Board and in Federal Court, as well as in immigration law firms.

The work of an assistant helped me to gain experience in our field and gave me knowledge of the immigration system from the inside. Also, a huge contribution was made to my career prospectives while I was working in the World Economic Forum of America, the Miami project. ​

I’m in love with my job and always improving my professional skills. For me, immigration is a puzzle that needs to be put together using different approaches to finally get the results you want for the client.

Immigration is like skiing in mountains, where you need to react quickly to go around the obstacles on your way all the time. 

I have tremendous experience and a large percentage of positive decisions, since each client for me is a challenge that needs to be won.

Welcome to SKI Immigration!