Citizenship is the last step to becoming a Canadian. Usually, you need to spend in Canada 3 years out of 5, pass your language exam and citizenship test in order to finally become a Canadian. If you are older than 54 years old, you don’t need a language exam and citizenship test. Having a Canadian citizenship will give you a right to vote and you are no longer bound to stay in Canada certain amount of time to keep your Citizenship valid.

You also need to have a proof that you know English or French or that you have graduated an education institution in Canada.

Many applicants think that Citizenship application is an easy process and there is nothing difficult or tricky in it, but it also depends from your personal situation and how precise your package is. some of the problems our clients face are:

  • Criminal offense inside or outside of Canada which make them ineligible to apply for Canadian citizenship,

  • Proof of language which some of our clients cannot reach the score required

  • Misrepresentation which is leading to a ban to apply for Citizenship.

All the mentioned above may be manageable and has a chance to be contested or overcome using the professional and right approach.

At SKI Immigration Inc. we are experienced in these types of cases, so if you are struggling with your Citizenship application or have questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a consultation.

Citizenship Revocation & Appeal

There are many reasons for your citizenship to be revoked, the most common is a misrepresentation done on your part. this is seen by IRCC as a foreign national obtaining a Canadian Citizenship by fraud.

There is a thin line between intentional misrepresentation and ignorance due to not knowing the law (Canadian Law).

Here at SKI Immigration we helped a number of our clients to deal with this type of situations and prevent their Canadian Citizenship from being revoked.

When a Citizenship is being revoked you need to contact us as soon as possible as you have limited time appeal the decision, any delay may lead to loosing your citizenship without having the chance to fight back for it (appeal the decision).