Enrollment in Universities (Bachelor's, Master's, PhD)

Enrollment in Universities (Bachelor's, Master's, PhD)

This type of education is chosen by students with a good knowledge of the language and high academic grades. A huge advantage of obtaining higher education in Canada is the simplified process of obtaining PR upon completion of the program, high competitiveness when looking for an employer, and an excellent level of English proficiency.

As part of our services, we assist international students in finding the university or college that offer the desired program of study.
This includes doing a thorough research on whether the institution can enroll international students and if the student is eligible for a PGWP (post graduation work permit) after graduation allowing him/her to stay and work in Canada after graduation. We do encourage students to contact us for assistance to avoid studying a program that is not eligible for PGWP.

Open Work Permit for Graduates of Canadian Educational Institutions

From March 2024, graduates of master's and PhD programs will be able to get an open post-graduate work visa for three years, regardless of the length of the study program. Now, it is enough to study for at least 8 months to obtain a 3-year work visa, whereas previously the program had to be at least two years long

PGWP is granted to graduates from Canadian educational institutions. It is the international student’s pathway and chance to seek employment after graduation of educational institution in Canada. PGWP is granted up to 3 years and it depends on the number of years of study.
Canada values international students and their part in helping the Canadian economy thrive. That’s why it is one of the easier pathways for a PR since the applicant studied then worked in Canada obtaining valuable points towards their express entry application Contact us once your final semester starts so we can have an early start and prepare your application beforehand. Once you finish your final semester your application should be ready for submission.
The Unwanted Truth
  1. International students must always be full time during their studies in order to apply for their PGWP. Any part time semesters taken may affect the application and may lead to a refusal. But fear not, we are able to assist you in finding a solution to this problem like we did for many applicants before you.
  2. What most students do not know is that study permits expire after 90 days from your graduation even if you have more than 3 months left on your study permit.
  3. This means applying for PGWP early with us may give you another chance to apply and restore your status before the 90 days period is over.
  4. If the 90 days period pass and you haven’t applied for your PGWP and you did not switch on other status, you may not be able to reapply again as you have lost your status in Canada, and you must leave the country.