Canada is dependent on its growth on immigrants, the country is massive in size (2nd largest country in the world) and small in population to fill in the land, Canada is planning to increase the number of immigrants each year issuing 401,000 Permanent Residencies during 2021 and announced its plan to issue 411,000 Permanent Residencies for the year 2022 and 421,000 Permanent Residencies for the year 2023, an increase by nearly 100,000 each year from previous decade numbers.

A number of changes happened to most immigration programs, visas, work & study permits whether it is new forms to fill up or new documents to be submitted that were not required before, new ways to submit immigration applications, even new programs, temporary and permanent, introduced on both federal and provincial level since the start of the pandemic.

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  • Immigration experience more than 11 years (Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, and the Middle East)
  • High success rate and high-end results
  • Always on the lookout for new Canadian Immigration programs that benefits our customers
  • Ability and strategy to think outside the box
  • We know “pitfalls”, where are your weak points and how to represent them smart (that’s why we are “skiing”)
  • We are pro-active (always trying to leave a back-up option)
  • Always following updates (!!!), extremely important with current coronavirus pandemic
  • An active member of many immigration associations, participate in many forums, webinars, professional immigration courses.
  • Extremely advocating when represent our clients including application re-submission, re-applying, and find a way where no one else can.

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