Enrollment in Canadian Colleges and Vocational Schools

Enrollment in Canadian Colleges and Vocational Schools

Canadian colleges and vocational schools (which exist in the province of Quebec) are the most common type of education for international students. It is the choice of the majority of international students. Studying in colleges is easier than in universities, and adaptation is more fun and pleasant in a student environment, where the number of hours for independent study is significantly less than in universities.

As part of our services, we assist international students in finding the university or college that offer the desired program of study.
This includes doing a thorough research on whether the institution can enroll international students and if the student is eligible for a PGWP (post graduation work permit) after graduation allowing him/her to stay and work in Canada after graduation. We do encourage students to contact us for assistance to avoid studying a program that is not eligible for PGWP.

Student Direct Stream (SDS)

The SDS allows international students from certain countries to have their study permit processed faster than usual, usually within 20 days in normal circumstances.

To be eligible for the SDS you must meet certain requirements in addition for the normal study permit requirements:

1- The student must be the resident of one of the following countries:

Antigua & Barbuda
Trinidad & Tobago
Costa Rica
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

2- The student must pay the tuition fees for the entire first year at the educational institution.

3- Either complete an IELTS exam with a minimum score of 6 or have completed high school studies at a Canadian Institution.

Study Permit Renewal

In many cases students may be required to renew their study permit for one reason or another during their studies.

Changing your major or field of study while your study permit is still active may not prompt a study permit renewal. The student need only inform IRCC about any change of study while the current study permit is still active. But if your study permit is about to expire within 3 month it is important to start the renewing process as it may take time before a new one is issued. If a current study permit expires before an application for a renewal is submitted, the student MUST drop the current semester and wait for the new study permit to be issued and enroll in the next semester.

Plans after graduation
It is important to note that your study permit will expire in 90 days after graduation even if the actual expire date is more than 90 days.
It is important to contact us before your graduation so we can prepare the package for the Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) and submit it fast. This is important in case the application was refused for any reason, we can resubmit the updated application within those 90 days. If refusal arrived after the 90 days period, the student can no longer resubmit the PGWP application and will be asked to leave the country.