Mo Kattab

Mo Kattab

Mr. Kattab Is the Manager of Operations & Business Development at SKI Immigration. He helped establish the company with the President of the company Oleksandra Melnykova. Mr. Kattab is responsible for the operations of the company including HR & staff training, public relationship, and business marketing development.

SKI immigration Inc. has a special interest in flight schools across Canada and the only immigration company combining experience between immigration and aviation studies in Canada for international students where Mr. Kattab’s work experience, perfect bilingualism and professional knowledge are crucial and irreplaceable.

Mohammad has 13 years of work experience in a number of fields including consulting, finance, accounting, human resources, IT & Web developing, and data analysis other than aviation working in Canada, Australia, and Jordan.

In 2011 Mr. Kattab graduated with Honors with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Yarmouk University. Being one of the best graduates and having a passion for international business, Mohammad decided to continue and obtained in 2015 two master’s degrees from James Cook University in Australia:

  • Master of Business Administrations,

  • Master of Professional Accounting.

As a business analyst Mr. Kattab knows all the perspectives of aviation industry and its important role worldwide. So, he decided to put an aviation business under priority. Keeping in mind world known fact that the best aviation is concentrated in Canada, he decided to get a degree in Montreal obtaining his pilot license and multiple ratings endorsed to his license becoming a flight instructor.

His combined knowledge in international business and aviation allowed him to make a brilliant career in Canada working as a coordinator and flight instructor Montreal. Mohammad’s master’s degree in business and aviation education made him an important link between aviation college and Transport Canada together with Ministry of Education of Quebec while dealing with international students.