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On July 4th, a round was held with a score of 436 and above, inviting specialists from the transport category.

On July 4th, a round was held with a score of 436 and above, inviting specialists from the transport category.

A total of 1,800 people were invited. The main requirement: having at least one year of work experience in the transport category within the last three years. 
 Transport specialists are selected rarely. The last time they were invited was in March (score 437). Before that, they were invited in December (score 435) and in September (score 435). 
To reiterate, those included in this list are: 
 Aircraft assemblers and inspectors:
This group includes: aileron installer - aircraft assembly, aircraft assembly and installation inspector, aircraft fitter-assembler, detail installer, equipment installation and adjustment mechanic, sealant, aircraft structure and surface assembler, aircraft tester, aircraft wing assembler, glider installer, glider and assembly assembler, composite technician, development mechanic, drilling and reaming mechanic, fabric installer-repairman - aircraft assembly, final assembly inspector - aircraft assembly, fuselage assembler, fuselage installer - aircraft assembly, hydraulic installer - aircraft assembly, hydraulic systems installer - aircraft assembly, power plant assembler - aircraft assembly, power plant mechanic - aircraft assembly, sealant and sealed compartments tester - aircraft assembly, propeller mechanic - aircraft assembly, sheet metal assembler - aircraft assembly, cladding installer - aircraft assembly, spar assembler - aircraft assembly, unit assembler - aircraft assembly, welded assembly tester - aircraft assembly, wing inspector - aircraft assembly, wing connector mechanic - aircraft assembly, wing fuel tank mechanic - aircraft assembly  
Truck drivers: This includes: car carrier driver, bulk cargo truck driver, milk truck driver, cement truck driver – construction, coal transporter (excluding underground mines), commercial truck driver, commercial vehicle operator, hazardous cargo truck driver, dump truck driver, accompanying freight forwarder, explosive cargo truck driver, fuel truck driver, tanker operator, gravel transporter, long-haul food truck driver, highway tractor driver, liquid fertilizer truck driver, log transporter, timber truck driver, long-distance driver, mobile cement mixer driver, mobile concrete mixer driver, moving truck driver, swamp tractor operator, oil tanker driver, tank truck driver, tow truck driver, tractor-trailer driver, truck operator 
 Maritime transport officers and ship captain assistants: This includes: navigation officer on a coast guard vessel, watch officer on a coast guard vessel, deck officer - water transport, ferry captain, long-distance captain, senior assistant captain, pilot, second assistant captain, third assistant captain, ship captain, assistant captain, tugboat captain 
 Marine engineers: chief engineer - water transport, engineer officer - water transport, marine engineering officer, second engineer, third engineer - water transport, tugboat engineer 
 Air traffic controllers: air traffic controller (ATC), airport air traffic controller, route air traffic controller, flight dispatcher, flight service specialist (FSS), instrument flight rules (IFR) air traffic controller, terminal air traffic controller, visual flight rules (VFR) air traffic controller 
Pilots: pilot, captain - air transport, inspector - pilot, chief flight instructor, chief pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer, flight instructor, helicopter pilot, instructor-pilot, replacement pilot, second officer - air transport, test pilot 
Railroad workers: This category includes: centralized traffic control operator, centralized traffic control controller, chief railroad traffic dispatcher, chief train dispatcher, senior train dispatcher, locomotive dispatcher, railroad traffic controller, train dispatcher, train dispatcher supervisor, train operator, water traffic controller. 
Transportation and logistics managers: • Air cargo manager • Airmail manager • Fleet operations manager • Airline schedule development manager • Airline manager • Airline chief • Assistant general agent - railroad • Assistant superintendent - railroad • Assistant transportation department chief • Assistant transportation manager • Bus company manager • Transportation company manager • Corporate transportation operations manager • Corporate transportation manager • Cruise line manager • Current schedule planning manager - airline • Logistics director - transportation • Operations director - transportation • Transportation operations director • Transportation director • Distribution and warehousing manager • Distribution director • Distribution manager - logistics • Operational distribution manager - logistics • Distribution services manager • Export transportation manager • Ferry operations manager • Ferry chief • Flight operations director • Flight operations manager • Flight schedule manager • Freight company manager • Freight department manager • Forwarder • Freight forwarding manager • Freight transport manager • General transportation operations manager • General transportation manager • Import transportation manager • Integrated logistics manager • Integrated logistics programs director • International transportation manager • Logistics analysis manager • Logistics director - transportation • Logistics manager - transportation • Operational logistics director • Logistics solutions manager • Marine operations manager • Marine operations chief • Marine operations manager • Water transport operations manager • Motor transport manager • Moving company manager • Ocean freight manager • Railroad transport manager • Railroad freight operations chief • Railroad freight manager • Railroad manager • Railroad passenger operations manager • Regional railroad transport manager • General railroad transport agent • Runway manager • Shipping company manager • Shipping operations manager • Transport and warehousing services manager • Transportation services manager • Shore captain - water transport • Transport operations chief • Tow truck company manager • Assistant transport operations manager • Transport operations manager • Water transportation manager • Transportation company manager • Transportation department chief • Transport and logistics manager • Transport director • Transport fleet manager • Transport logistics manager • Transportation management director • Transportation manager • Transport chief • Travel and relocation manager • Urban transportation system manager • Water transport manager 
What does a score of 436 mean for those not in Canada? Higher education, English proficiency level 7, at least 3 years of work experience outside Canada, and under 35 years old. 
And if you are in Canada and have Canadian work experience, even if not in these professions, you only need a language level of 5, one year of Canadian work experience, higher education, and at least one year of experience in a high-demand profession.
If you don't have one year of work experience in Canada, you can compensate with Canadian education, a Canadian relative (for which points are awarded), another degree, or a higher level of English proficiency.
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