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Evaluation of Your Diplomas in Canada

Evaluation of Your Diplomas in Canada

⚠️We are all familiar with the challenges of accepting international diplomas and the trials faced by those whose professions require a Canadian license.

✅British Columbia is one of the first provinces to launch a simplified process for recognizing foreign diplomas.

✅The province consulted with 18 regulatory bodies to prepare the legislation, which was passed by the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia last November.

✅The full list of professions covered by the Act includes:

👉Registered Music Teacher

👉Professional Engineer

👉Certified Professional Teacher

👉Urban Planner

👉Early Childhood Educator

👉Landscape Architect

👉Assistant Educator

👉Applied Science Technologist


👉Certified Technician

👉Social Worker


👉Registered Clinical Social Worker 👉Lawyer

👉Professional Biologist


👉Applied Biology Technician

👉Notary Public

👉Registered Biologist


👉Emergency Medical Assistant, including Paramedics

👉Professional Geologist

👉Certified Professional Accountant 👉Registered Professional Forester 👉Associate Real Estate Broker

👉Registered Forest Technologist 👉Managing Real Estate Broker

👉Professional Agronomist

👉Real Estate Representative

👉Technical Agronomist

✅To obtain a license, they will not need Canadian work experience or a language test if they have already passed one previously.

🤔I want to share an interesting fact: in some provinces, it is much easier (and significantly so) to get recognition and requalification of your diploma than in others. Many first validate their diplomas in one province and then easily requalify them in others, having initial certification from other provinces.

✅For example, it is easier to validate a medical diploma in Alberta and British Columbia than in other provinces.

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