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Deportation: 12 Reasons for Expulsion from Canada

Deportation: 12 Reasons for Expulsion from Canada

A deportation order imposes a permanent restriction on returning to Canada. When an immigrant breaks the law, the government has the right to expel them from the country forever. Knowing the grounds for deportation is important for all immigrants.

‼️Reasons for Deportation:

⚖️Committing a serious crime with a maximum penalty of ten years in prison or more, such as murder or kidnapping.

⚖️Theft of more than $5,000 or robbery without a firearm, as well as attempting to evade the police.

⚖️Possession of prohibited weapons and ammunition.

⚖️Assault causing bodily harm, with or without a firearm.

⚖️Using or possessing a stolen or fake credit card.

⚖️Driving under the influence. Since 2018, Canada has had a zero-tolerance policy for drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

⚖️Reckless driving that leads to serious injury or death.

⚖️Aggravated drug offenses: drug trafficking, production of synthetic drugs, or growing marijuana.

⚖️Conviction for two or more minor offenses.

⚖️National security: an act against the government of Canada.

⚖️Espionage, subversive activities, terrorism, or connections with such organizations.

⚖️Violations of international human rights: war crimes, crimes against humanity.

‼️If a deported person wants to return to Canada, they must apply for an ARC (Authorization to Return to Canada).

⚠️Failure to Leave After a Deportation Order:

After the order comes into effect, you must leave Canada within the specified time. If you do not attend the interview or leave on the appointed day, CBSA will issue an arrest warrant. You may be detained until your departure. CBSA may assign an escort officer.

⚠️Appealing Deportation Orders

The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB) reviews appeals against deportation orders. The deported person has 30 days to file an appeal with the IAD with a completed form and a copy of the order.

📌Knowing these grounds will help avoid violations and maintain status in Canada.

‼️Reminder: to handle deportation cases, you need an IRB license, which I have.

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