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Canadians Increasingly View Immigration as Excessive: What’s Behind This Opinion?

Canadians Increasingly View Immigration as Excessive: What’s Behind This Opinion?

More and more Canadians believe that immigration levels are too high, exacerbating the housing crisis, and putting additional strain on public services and infrastructure. According to a study by the Angus Reid Institute, 44% of Canadians feel that immigration is excessive, 33% consider the level to be appropriate, and only 16% think it is insufficient. This marks a significant switch from previous years when the majority supported the country’s immigration policies.

Young people are showing a particularly sharp shift in opinion. A survey by the Environics Institute found that 51% of citizens aged 18–34 believe immigration levels are excessive, compared to only 37% of citizens over 55.

The main reason for this change is often cited as the housing crisis. Housing prices are skyrocketing, and Canadians are concerned that immigrants are making the situation worse. “I support immigration, but I’m not sure it’s right when I see new residents buying homes and driving up prices,” says a Toronto resident.

Another concern is a high burden on public services. Canadians worry that the government is struggling to keep up with the increasing demand for schools, hospitals, and other services. “Our schools and healthcare system are under tremendous pressure,” notes a Vancouver resident.

Despite these concerns, many Canadians still see the benefits of immigration. A Century Initiative poll showed that 61% believe immigration is beneficial for the economy, and 57% think it adds diversity and interest to the country.

The government has already responded to public opinion by reducing the number of immigrants accepted in 2023 and 2024. However, analysts consider these measures insufficient and overdue. They urge the government to take more proactive steps in managing immigration and improving infrastructure.

Experts believe that solving the problem requires cooperation with municipalities and provinces to ensure adequate infrastructure and housing for newcomers.

The issue of immigration remains highly arguable and sparks heated debates among Canadians. “We need to approach immigration in a balanced way,” says one resident. “We must care for current residents while attracting those who can contribute to our society and economy.”

The government promises to continue assessing immigration policies and working with regions to address Canadians' concerns. This issue will likely remain on the agenda in the coming years as the country evolves and changes.

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