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Alberta Creates Immigration Program for Police Officers

Alberta Creates Immigration Program for Police Officers

📌 Historically, to get a job in the enforcement applicant need to have citizenship or permanent resident status. However, times are changing, and there is an acute shortage of local police staff. In my opinion, fewer Canadians are joining the police force due to low salaries that don't keep up with rising prices.

⚠️ Alberta is the first to allow the hiring of foreign nationals and also gives them the opportunity to obtain permanent residence through the Alberta Express Entry program.

⚠️ Mark Neufeld, President of the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police (AACP), notes that attracting qualified candidates is becoming increasingly difficult.

⚠️ "Expanding AAIP to include police officers helps attract experienced officers from abroad, enhancing the safety of our communities," says Neufeld.

Eligible specialists for nomination include:

👉 Commissioned and non-commissioned police officers

👉 Police investigators

👉 Specialized law enforcement professions

⚠️ Employers must be members of AACP, and invited candidates must have a job offer from an AACP member and meet the Express Entry criteria (diploma validation, language proficiency, work experience).

‼️ For 2024, 50 nominations have been allocated to support police stations.


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