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Guest and Work CUAET – The Difference that Costs Immigration, for Those Arriving After March 31, 2024.

Guest and Work CUAET – The Difference that Costs Immigration, for Those Arriving After March 31, 2024.

The CUAET visa was initially opened as a visitor visa (for the first couple of months). Later, it was adapted, and in the application itself, it was necessary to check a box if you planned to work concurrently with the visitor visa.

Let's call it – VISITOR AND WORK CUAET, as it’s easier to operate with.

If you have already applied for CUAET as a work visa, you should have received a POE introduction letter in your email or online account (the so-called work permit, which needed to be presented to the border officer at the airport so that they could print your work permit).

Many did not check the box for the work permit and will receive the visitor CUAET.

Thus, the Canadian Immigration Department has divided everyone into BEFORE and AFTER February 4, 2024.

1. Your application for CUAET (visitor or worker – DOESN'T MATTER) was approved AFTER February 4, 2024, and

A) you have NOT YET entered Canada. You can enter until July 31, 2024, and take advantage of the right to obtain a work permit at the border (because there is a POE introduction letter) or enter on a visitor CUAET and apply for a work permit online within Canada until July 31, 2024.

B) you are ALREADY in Canada. You can apply for work, study, visitor record for FREE until July 31, 2024.

2. Your application for CUAET was approved BEFORE February 4, 2024, and

- you have a working CUAET, with a POE introduction letter. You can fly to Canada and get a work permit at the border. No specific date is mentioned for this.

- You have a visitor CUAET (If your CUAET visa application was approved BEFORE February 4, and there was NO checkmark “applying for a work permit” and accordingly, you do NOT have a work permit (POE introduction letter)) – unfortunately, you are only entitled to a visitor visa, and if you fly to Canada, you are not eligible for an open work visa. You need to find an employer.
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