Why SKI Immigration

Welcome to my webpage SKI Immigration Inc. My name is Oleksandra Melnykova, but to make in easier in everyday conversation you may call me Alexandra. I’m a licensed Canadian immigration consultant.

Why to choose my company for immigration services?

  • I’m practicing immigration law of North American continent (USA and Canada) already for 15 years (from 2007)
  • I have a bachelor’s degree in international business, graduated in High Commercial School in Montreal, one of the best French speaking business Universities in North America
  • I also have master’s degree in foreign languages
  • I’m perfectly fluent in English, French, Russian and Ukrainian. I also can understand and speak on average level German and Spanish.
  • I’m also an immigrant and I was in your shoes, I can understand your worries and your feelings, the hopes you put on immigration process and I’m doing my best to give you pro-active advice to avoid any complications in the future
  • I’m constantly updating my knowledge and keep track on immigration tendencies
  • I share my knowledge, experience, and important information about changes in immigration law on social media: Facebook – SKI Immigration Services, Instagram – SKI Immigration and LinkedIn – Alexandra Melnykova.
  •  My experience of being a top manager for 5 years in one of the world known American company CIEE (which was recruiting international workers from Ukraine) gave me a remarkable and precious experience in risk and time management, taught me how to work under pressure with tremendous amount of files at the same time, trained me to set priorities and take fast decision when it needs
  • I worked as a legal translator in the Federal court and with multiple lawyers dealing with immigration files as well. I know how the legal system works in Canada which helps me to build the strategy of the case
  • I worked in the International Economic Forum of the Americas connecting the businesses and creating new business possibilities between corporations, big companies and entrepreneurs. It gave me a clear understanding of B2B rules in North America and Europe which helped me to work on business immigration later on.
  • I’m also working with multiple colleges and flight schools in Canada as well as with many employers in all the provinces.
  • I can offer you the best strategy for your successful immigration to Canada based on your knowledge, skills, experience and other important factors.

Why should you trust me?

  • BECAUSE I received a Canadian education in immigration law and in international business, and I received a license to practice immigration in Canada. Your rights are protected by Canadian government.
  • BECAUSE information you share with me is strictly confidential and I never share my clients’ information, results, pictures or positives experience even if the client wants me to do so. Your personal life is not for sharing in any way.
  • BECAUSE I’m also an immigrant which means I know what you are afraid of, what do you expect from immigration process and what you must know BEFORE coming to Canada or BEFORE applying for Canadian visa
  • BECAUSE I always attend immigration conferences, webinars, seminars and read all the immigration updates the day they are published
  • BECAUSE I have more than 15 years of experience and I always look outside of the box trying to find a solution to your problem
  • BECAUSE I love my job, I love helping people and this is my passion.

Remember, you CAN ALWAYS IMMIGRATE TO CANADA because I know how to find a way. I’m enjoying immigration law and legal field, and I like helping people to create a better future.

We name our company SKI immigration, because at the present time, there are so many programs and they change so fast, that your immigration pathway looks like an alpine skiing – fast and slow, having sudden turns and obstacles where one wrong move can affect your future. We know how to go around these obstacles and reach the final destination – Canada. Always yours, Alexandra Melnykova.