Canada is known for its aviation industry. The Canadian pilot license is respected around the world and recognized by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation).

There are several paths to finding your first pilot job upon graduation, here are a couple of examples:

  • Obtaining a Flight Instructor rating (average of 3 months of study), with this rating you can build your flying hours while gaining essential experience (possible to find contacts for the next job offer after graduation)
  • Bush pilot jobs in the northern regions of Canada.
  • Spray pilot jobs for the agricultural industry in the Prairies.
  • Parachute industry all across Canada.
  • Working for one of the many global/regional airlines operating in Canada (more than 80 companies).

The low costs of aviation training and the low exchange rate of the Canadian dollar compared to the US dollar makes it very affordable to live and study in Canada.

Canada offers a variety of aviation programs PPL, CPL, ATPL, integrated ATPL, Multi-IR, Seaplane (float plane), night rating, VFR-OTT and many other options for the candidate to choose from.

International students upon graduation may be eligible to apply for a PGWP (Post Graduation Work Permit), depending on the program of studies and province, giving them the chance to stay and work in Canada and the opportunity to apply for a PR (permanent residency) in the future.

There are many aviation academies offering aviation diploma and pilot licenses and ratings around Canada for the applicant to choose from.